How to Help After the Recent Central U.S. Tornado Outbreak

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Home destroyed by tornadoSevere weather and tornadoes swept across the central United States Dec. 10-11, causing extreme damage to communities. The worst recorded tornado, known as the “Quad-State Tornado,” left a trail of destruction nearly 250 miles long across Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky.

In response, NAHB is working closely with state and local home builders associations in the region to meet the needs of members who were affected by severe weather and provide resources to help them rebuild.

For individuals interested in supporting relief efforts in the hard-hit state of Kentucky, the Home Builders Association of Kentucky recommends supporting the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund. According to the fund’s website, the fund:

  • Was established by Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to directly assist those impacted by the tornadoes and the severe weather system.
  • Will send contributions directly to Kentucky tornado victims with no administrative fees taken out.

All donations to the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund are tax-deductible and donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes after donating.

Donations by credit card are being accepted through the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund website. Directions for donations by mail are also available on the website.

The HBA of Kentucky also has published the Western KY Tornado Disaster Relief/Resources page on its website that provides a full index of information, resources and organizations for those looking to make monetary or supply donations in support of the relief effort.

NAHB also is advising its members of the following resources for more information on the recent tornado outbreak:

For more information or resources on disaster recovery please visit NAHB’s Disaster Recovery Toolkit or contact Jonathan Falk, Field Specialist for Disaster Relief, at 800-386-5242 x8005.

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  1. Armando Cobo says:

    Here is an original idea… let’s build homes with better quality and resilience included. The industry needs to allow IRC develop better and more resilient Codes. Almost every day on the so called “fake news” is another story about hurricanes, droughts, tornadoes, snowstorms, ice storms, flooding, mud slides, fires, etc., etc…. and even man-made home failures, like the failures in Texas after last February’s freeze; totally preventable.
    At the end of the day, after every disaster, we all end up paying for it thru higher insurance rates, government assistance programs, FEMA, business recovery programs, plus millions of people losing everything, their jobs and even their lives! How much is that worth?
    We can’t control Mother Nature, but we sure can minimize human and financial loses, just for mere reluctance and stubbornness to do the right thing, all in the name of raising the cost of a home.
    Here is a cost reality that only the blind can opine against… The U.S. has sustained 308 weather and climate disasters since 1980 where overall damages/costs reached or exceeded $1 billion (including CPI adjustment to 2021). The total cost of these 308 events exceeds $2.085 trillion. See
    How many new homes can be built with all the money saved if we could improve our building practices? Are all these loses accounted for in all the “Economic Analyses”? Shame if we don’t!

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