Podcast: Mill Owner Discusses Lumber Prices, Tariffs and Sustainability

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On the latest episode of NAHB’s Housing Developments podcast, hosts CEO Jerry Howard and Chief Lobbyist Jim Tobin talk with Ross Stock, general manager of Western Cascade Industries, a lumber mill in Toledo, Ore. Stock shares his knowledge on lumber sustainability, offers some speculations on the cause of the price increases, and discusses the implications of trade disputes with Canada. Tune in below or wherever you find podcasts.

To visit Western Cascade’s website, as mentioned in the episode, click here.

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  1. Tommy Doyal says:

    There is abundance of pine trees in the South. Southern pine is not being used enough. Southern pine need s to be used as wall panels , beams . Industry needs to get away from the beautiful spruce pine studs and rafters . Industry must learn to use Southern pine .

  2. Jim Long says:

    Eastern Europe is absolutely covered by spruce pine, logistics is quite simple when purchased in container quantities. Our company was facing shortages on two military projects back in 2005 with all our suppliers telling us that their was a shortage.

    Once we purchased two small container ship loads from Romania – Hungary, the shortage disappeared, and we demanded a 30% price reduction and received it.

    Don’t understand why lumber yards do not band together and source from Europe. Only a 30 day trip if you use one of the smaller container carriers that can dock at ports such as Wilmington or Morehead City NC

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