Podcast: Mill Owner Discusses Lumber Crisis, Possible Solutions

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In the latest episode of NAHB’s Housing Developments podcast, CEO Jerry Howard and Chief Lobbyist Jim Tobin talk with Alden Robbins, vice president of sales for Robbins Lumber in Searsmont, Maine, about the lumber crisis and associated fallout for the home building industry.

Tune in below to hear straight from a lumber producer about why lumber is so expensive, and when and how the industry might see some relief.

To read the Slate article featuring Robbins, click here.

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  1. Mark B says:

    What are the sustainable prices for construction lumber? I never hear anybody discuss that, for example $65 a barrel oil is where a lot of the producers can make a profit. Nobody ever asks What’s the price per thousand board feet which creates the best stable lumber market. Please ask that question next week.

    Also if there is a labor constraint what is the hourly rate for the average millworker and what rate will bring more labor into that market please ask that question?
    Thanks guys great work keep it up !

  2. Randy Bullock says:

    I have been buying lumber for 50 years, been to many mills, and seen all this many times, though never this extreme. My opinion? There is a one word answer to this problem: Greed.

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