Podcast: Congress is Back in Town

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On the latest episode of NAHB’s Housing Developments podcast, CEO Jerry Howard and Chief Lobbyist Jim Tobin discuss policy changes on the horizon with Congress back in session. Tune in to hear about President Biden’s infrastructure plan, the co-hosts’ thoughts on bipartisanship cooperation in Congress, updates on lumber prices, and more.

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  1. Mark Browne says:

    While the specifics related to resilience may not be completely documented by the new Fed Gov, I don’t think the word itself should be confusing to our good friends at NAHB.
    Humans are on a regular basis living the better part of 100 years resilience means we need to use a 100 year timeline for new housing. In other words when you build a house it should be built in a manner that operates efficiently over 100 years we cannot continue to build cheap housing focusing only on mortgage payments that have a cheap upfront cost with only a 5 to 7 year function before remodels repairs replacements and eventually tear down and rebuild. The factors that go into resilience are of course advanced building design technology, more advanced and efficient application of materials, more advanced efficiency energy consumption and longevity, more advanced functionality.
    Build it to last. As an example if you build a shower to code it may only last 5 to 7 years but you can easily without much in the way of additional cost build a shower to give you 25 years of function backed by the materials manufacturer warranty.
    When this becomes the new paradigm for the industry as a whole then as it’s scaled up prices come down.

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