Video: NAHB Chairman Updates Members on Rising Lumber Prices

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In this month’s Chairman’s Update, 2021 NAHB Chairman of the Board Chuck Fowke discusses the latest developments in the evolving lumber crisis and the measures NAHB is taking to address the associated issues. If you have a story to share about how you or your business has been impacted by rising lumber costs, please submit it here.

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  1. William L. Henegar says:

    I am a custom home builder for over 50 years. I am the oldest active builder in my HBA (Maryville-Alcoa). I am concerned about prices and availability as some of my clients have decided to “pull the plug” on their project and watch what pricing will do further.

    Please help keep our industry alive. Thanks

  2. This is a problem that has been manifesting for several years. The previous Whitehouse thought that a level playing field could be obtained by placing tariffs on imported lumber. How much lumber were we all buying from Canada and Europe? The answer is staggering – this allowed US producers to have a better than competitive position, basically closing out the foreign competition. Without that competition the lumber market
    has spiraled out of control. Price control to eliminate “gouging” should have been put into place, but was not! We are all paying for this debacle. Until the government steps back in and allows for global competition this will continue to be what it is – out of control. This has the potential to destroy the affordable housing market and create a larger divide between the haves and the have nots.

  3. Rusty R&R Construction says:

    Rising lumber prices have had a huge impact on our bottom line. We’ve lots tens of thousands of dollars as we bid projects and sometimes done get the approval for weeks or months later. During this time lumber has exceeded what was in our budget but still have to honor the contract price. We are basically building to break even to try to get by.

  4. Craig Sikes says:

    Please email me with lumber pricing updates. Thanks for all you do , Craig

  5. why is there a 20% terriff on lumber ????????????????
    IT IS obvious U.S.A. mills do not need a subsidy.

  6. We are bidding a lot of job but due to outrageous lumber prices, most of our clients are holding off. We are Very concerned.

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