ICC Changes Its Energy Code Development Process

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The International Code Council has announced it is changing the development of its energy code from the current Governmental Consensus Process to its American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards process.

“This is an important change that we expect to result in a model energy code that meets the needs of consumers, builders, building officials and energy efficiency advocates,” said NAHB Chairman Chuck Fowke. “At this point we are reviewing the details of the proposed framework, but it appears to provide a clear improvement for the energy code development process going forward. NAHB looks forward to participating in the new standards development process to maximize cost-effective efficiency improvements in the residential energy codes.”

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  1. I hope in your process it is both impactful to the building envelope,as well as mindful of maintaining affordability to the end buyer. Specifically as you add cost be sure of the cost benefit. Affordability is always challenge for builders given the codes local and national.
    I d like to see the mortgage industry be brought in as a partner in a holistic approach. Like payment credits or ratios offsets that mirror the -reported saving as the efficiencies are achieved.

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