Podcast: Addressing Capitol Hill Violence and Senate Election Results

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On the latest episode of Housing Developments, NAHB CEO Jerry Howard and Chief Lobbyist Jim Tobin address the violence seen in the nation’s capital last week. The co-hosts also discuss the implications of a pro-union Labor Secretary on home builders, and how a 50-50 split of Republicans and Democrats in the Senate will impact legislation for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Christopher Allen says:

    Former NAHB employee here, and appreciate the Podcast addressing the Capitol attack. Like many Americans, I am appalled at the January 6th invasion of the Capitol, which witnessed security officials being beaten, our beloved US Capitol ransacked, elected officials lives threatened, and an attempt to thwart election results through violence. This was not just the actions of a rebellious crowd: 147 Congressional Representatives and Senators helped stoke and reward this violence by voting to object to electoral votes and attempt to overturn an election. Corporations should make it clear that they do not support Congressmen that destabilize our Democracy, and cease future campaign contributions to ALL 147 objectors.

    NAHB has made donations exceeding $10,000 to the following electoral vote objectors:
    Dan Bishop (NC), Virginia Foxx (NC), Sam Graves (MO), Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS), Mike Johnson (LA), Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO), Nicole Malliotakis (NY), Kevin McCarthy (CA), Scott Perry (PA), Steve Scalise (LA), Tommy Tuberville (AL).

    NAHB, will you do the right thing, and join other corporations that are severing funds to these 147?

    • NAHB Now says:

      All of NAHB’s BUILD-PAC contributions are nominated and voted on by our PAC committee, comprised of our members across the country. They have not met to discuss this issue as of yet. To reiterate our Jan. 6 statement, NAHB does not support the actions of those who attacked The Capitol last week nor the incendiary words spoken by some in advance of the attack.

  2. Thank you for your level-headed assuredness in these crazy times. Housing will thrive because of unprecedented demand, low interest rates, and exceptionally low inventory for the foreseeable future.

  3. Emerson J Clauss III says:

    NAHB has got to stop backing and supporting ANY Legislator who did not vote to certify the election. We continually back Republicans, and divide our own numbers. There are plenty of Democrats or Independents in our ranks; lets unify our numbers and look at all the candidates running, and support those who do NOT follow Qanon, Right Wing crazies and will represent their constituents and our interests best.

    • NAHB Now says:

      As noted above, NAHB condemned the actions of those who attacked the Capitol in a statement released on Jan. 6. All of NAHB’s BUILD-PAC contributions are nominated and voted on by our PAC committee, comprised of our members across the country. They have not yet met to discuss this issue.

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