The election for NAHB 2021 Third Vice Chairman will take place at the Leadership Council meeting on Jan. 29.

A Note from Carl Harris, Candidate for Third Vice Chairman of NAHB

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Carl HarrisFellow members, 2020 has definitely been a year of change and challenge, but things will continue to change and new challenges will come, it’s the only thing that probably is constant in our business.

The new administration, for one, is bringing change and with it, new leadership in all agencies (EPA, OSHA, HUD, Energy and Labor), all of which will have their vision of how this country should be shaped and how they will try to bend us and our industry to their will.

But, take heart my friends, this membership organization, this membership Federation, the National Association of Home Builders and its affiliated local and state associations are here for the benefit of you, its membership as we, through our collective efforts, promote, provide and protect our members – Americas finest builders, remodelers, developers, suppliers and sales professionals as they strive to deliver the American dream.

NAHB has held multiple meetings with Commerce, the National Economic Council and Congress to address members’ concerns with lumber availability and pricing, and will continue to work on this issue in 2021.

The needs and challenges of our members are constantly changing, and our Federation needs to be nimble and swift in our response.

Our Federation must continue to protect our members through its continued advocacy and promotion of our members.

If elected, I am looking forward to serving you and this Federation as a Senior Officer and will strive to keep the membership informed and represented as I fulfill that role.

I have enjoyed working with members through the committees and councils of this Federation, where the work gets done and policies get developed, and I would like to thank those of you who continue to give of your time and talent to serve on these committees and councils and encourage others to do the same.

Keep Safe, Keep Healthy, Keep Building!

Carl Harris, Candidate for NAHB Third Vice Chair 2021

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  1. Frank Morse says:

    Very well said, Carl! Wish you nothing but success as you move closer to the seat of Third Vice chair. I know that you will have the member’s backs when it comes to possible major shifts to the President’s policy as well as other changes that may be instituted related to our mortgage banking rules and regs.

  2. Willie Martin says:

    We need you. Get on board and get the lumbers prices down…

  3. Congratulations Carl and Congratulations to our membership! You are a fabulous addition to the NAHB Leadership Team! ONwards and UPwards with Health, NAHB, and Cheers!

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