Video: NAHB Chairman Presents September Update to Members

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In the September Chairman’s Update, NAHB Chairman Chuck Fowke briefs members on the current lumber situation and what NAHB is doing to address material price increases. You can subscribe to the blog to read the latest lumber news.


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  1. The current lumber prices are definitely creating a burden on contractors , myself included. However, I do not believe that lifting the tariffs on Canada is the answer. Obama gave Canada the upper hand when he was in office and we need to find a way of relieving them of that advantage.
    Canada is intentionally raising prices in an effort to force us to lift the tariffs. We need to buy from whats left of the American suppliers. We need to get behind american the timber growers and provide the necessary support they need to overcome the Canadian suppliers.

  2. John Zeigler says:

    Does the price of lumber not fall under the same laws and other products during these troubled times should the government step it to control the over charging for materials.
    The price of materials is hurting everyone not just the builders the homeowner as well lumber has increased the price of a average house $16,000 this is really hurting the first time buyer.

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