Residential Construction Offers New Job Opportunities During Economic Recovery

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construction is essentialAfter the devastating job losses experienced across the country in March and April, construction hiring surged and job openings increased in May to 365,000. In a positive sign, home builders and remodelers added 83,200 jobs in June, after gaining 224,200 in May. 

To help members promote their skilled trade opportunities, NAHB developed promotional materials and detailed information about six popular construction trades.

To further amplify the new job opportunities available in this evolving economy, the White House’s American Workforce Policy Advisory Board yesterday launched an ad campaign focused on “finding something new” and acquiring the skills needed for a new career. The campaign’s Find Something New website allows job seekers to find online learning opportunities, certificate programs, training programs and apprenticeships.

HBI is included as a partner in the “Vocational, technical and trades education” section of the site to help prospective employees learn about the training opportunities available to enter the construction trades.

“I commend the White House’s American Workforce Policy Advisory Board for the announcement with the Ad Council. We have an incredible partnership with The Home Depot Foundation in providing skills training in the trades for promising careers in the construction industry,” said HBI President and CEO Ed Brady. “The construction industry provides a pathway for those new or displaced workers to a well-paying career.  Those who gain a skill also have a great opportunity to become business owners and employers. We welcome all those who are interested in ‘finding something new.'”

The White House American Workforce Policy Advisory Board is part of an executive order that President Trump signed in 2018 to develop a national strategy for training and retraining workers for high-demand industries. As part of this effort, NAHB and HBI pledged to train 50,000 workers over the next five years.

As the industry continues to work during this unprecedented time, the health and safety of construction workers is always top priority. NAHB’s detailed plan for jobsite safety during the pandemic provides protective guidance and measures that all employers and workers should follow on the jobsite.

For more information about NAHB’s workforce development initiatives visit or contact Greg Zick.

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  1. Maryse Cook, EO says:

    I would like Greg Zick to contact me, Maryse Cook, EO, HBA of SWGA. 229-436-9700 or,

    I am interested in Mentoring programs for our student chapter members in high school, as well as giving them opportunities to acquire the necessary skills to become a valued and productive member of the Construction Industry.

  2. GDS says:

    Thank you for sharing this and for helping during these challenging times. Great article.

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