Millennial Home Preferences vs. Other Generations

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A recent study by NAHB reveals that millennials have a much stronger desire for certain bathroom features relative to older generations.

The report compiled survey data between 2007 and 2018 and found that the share of home buyers who want whirlpool tubs declines as the older generations age, but stays relatively constant for millennials. As of 2018, 70% of millennials expressed a strong preference for whirlpool tubs, compared to 62% for Generation X, 47% for baby boomers and 44% for seniors. See Figure 11.1 below.

Meanwhile, the share who want a dressing area increases for millennials while falling or staying constant for other generations (Figure 11.2).

Those who prefer his and her baths increases dramatically over the years for millennials and shows no real trend among the other generations (Figure 11.3).

Figures 12.1 through 12.4 below center on kitchen features. All four generations show an elevated preference for built-in kitchen seating. Of note is the increasing upward trend for millennials who desire trash compactors and built-in kitchen seating.




Finally, for the specialty rooms in Figures 13.1 through 13.3, millennials show a higher preference for exercise rooms, game rooms and media rooms than the other generations. Moreover, the gap between millennials and the older generations is quite substantial in 2018.



View the complete study.

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  1. Michael Hall says:

    Very interesting – some of the preferences very surprising. The millennials are expecting high incomes which show an interest in more esoteric items.
    I will certainly be aware and less surprised when meeting with clients in future.
    Thank you.
    Michael Hall – bestHOMEplans, Colorado Springs

  2. Mike Manners says:

    This suggests a trend towards bigger houses when most of what I see suggests Millennials want small more environmentally
    Sensitive homes.
    Also I see that they have good credit but no savings.
    What is the economic profile of those surveyed?

    • NAHB Now says:

      The full report provides median income data for millennials (See Figure 17). However, It’s important to remember that only individuals who are recent or prospective home buyers (bought a home in the past three years or are considering buying one in the next three) are included in the sample for the surveys. The incomes of respondents to the survey, therefore, do not reflect the incomes for each generation in its entirety

  3. Dan Semsak says:

    Very interesting. However, IMHO, there should be a follow-up question to the “preference for whirlpool bathtubs” question: Ask how many times they have used a whirlpool bathtub (or any bathtub) in the past 10 years. (Excluding hot tubs) I would bet those that have are less than 10% of any group.

    Everybody thinks that a bathtub is needed in a Master Bath for home value, but then almost never use it themselves nor are others in their family, except toddlers. Bathtubs in Master Baths are a waste of space and money.

    And, bathtubs should be eliminated from the majority of hotel rooms as confining, dangerous, and not used as a tub.

    Bring on the over-sized showers!

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