7 Sensational Kitchen Design Trends

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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. With the increase of modern home design — where the open-plan layout merges living, dining and gathering functions — this is especially true. Thoughtful planning and attentive design of the kitchen sets the tone for the rest of the home.

Kay Green, president of Kay Green Design, shares her team’s favorite kitchen design trends for 2019 to inspire the heart of a home’s style and atmosphere.

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1. Lighting: Gather and Cluster

While single pendants remain a constant favorite, when grouped together in an interesting arrangement, they deliver a dramatic statement. A cluster of mini pendants might replace a more traditional chandelier as the focal fixture over an island, and groups of pendants mounted at different heights can create a striking look while also increasing task lighting.

Photo courtesy of Kay Green Design

2. Cabinetry: Less is More

A quiet movement that’s been rapidly gaining speed is the “no upper cabinet” kitchen trend. As the modern, minimalist movement takes shape, home owners want their spaces to appear as clean as possible. One way we achieve this is to eliminate upper cabinets altogether, and instead integrate floating shelves, sills or nothing at all. We’re even seeing this trend incorporated into more traditional-style homes.

Photo courtesy of Kay Green Design

3. Finishes: Metallic Reigns

From lighting to plumbing hardware, the new metallics are fresh and unexpected. Many of our favorite manufacturers, including Kohler, Kallista and Grohe, have introduced a striking variety of colorways, including bright gold, rose gold, black gold and even polished rose bronze.

Photo courtesy of Kay Green Design

4. Islands: Make a Statement

Once an option, or add-on, islands have become an essential focal point for almost every kitchen design. From unique material countertop choices to selecting an intense or vibrant color that contrasts the rest of the kitchen, there are many ways to make a personal statement. Oversize, substantial five- to six-seat islands are also replacing breakfast nooks and conventional dining arrangements.

Photo courtesy of Kay Green Design

5. Double the Love: The Messy Kitchen and Showplace Island

The trend of the “messy kitchen” is gaining steam. Presenting two kitchens: one for show and one for go! Typically, a messy kitchen is a secondary prep kitchen that houses appliances, workstations and is where the “messy” meal preparation is handled. As such, the main kitchen, or showplace kitchen, then remains clean and ready to entertain, gather or dine.

Photo courtesy of Kay Green Design

6. Colors: Mixed, Not Matched

Taking a cue from fashion color trends, there is a new surge in the implementation of mixed finishes, from fixtures to cabinets, islands to even appliances. Blending different finish colors and materials within a single kitchen space, if done correctly, becomes a recipe for a unique and distinctive appearance.

7. Sinks: Practicality Meets Personality

According to a recent Pinterest survey, searches for “black sinks” rose a whopping 252% over last year. Gone are the days when sinks were an afterthought, and when the only viable option was stainless steel or white porcelain. We’re seeing more and more sinks as works of art. They’re not only functional but inventively crafted to either create a killer statement or enhance a very personal aesthetic.

This post — courtesy of Kay Green, MIRM, president and founder of Kay Green Design — originally appeared on Best in American Living.

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