Video: NAHB Chairman Updates Members on Key Priorities

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In the latest installment of his monthly video series, NAHB Chairman Greg Ugalde outlines two recent examples of NAHB working hard for its members: his testimony on Capitol Hill on GSE reform, and the NAHB Housing Portal which can save members thousands in survey research to help their businesses.

This monthly video series will highlight how the association is addressing key issues impacting members and delivering results that make a difference to their businesses’ bottom lines.

View all of the videos in the series at, and watch the latest one below:


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  1. Randy Noel says:


  2. Ray Yarber says:

    This is very useful data in understanding not only what’s happening in individual states but also how we compare with national numbers. Thanks for your work to champion the cause of providing meaningful data for a better understanding of the housing needs, demands and challenges across the country.

  3. Chairman Greg Ugalde, Membership – can NAHB work with the mortgage and insurance industry to provide a direct savings to Customers of Builders who belong to NAHB? The quality and code compliant homes built by Builders who care enough about their industry and their customers should be able to provide some options of significant difference from those Builders who do not belong to NAHB and are not invested in their own business and careers. The homes built by members are and should be of better quality and craftsmanship and less prone to disasters and failures than uninformed and/or unlicensed Builders therefore, justifying a significant savings in both the Customers mortgage and insurance costs. I believe this would significantly increase membership, education and better built homes prone to less problems, lawsuits and better sustainability for both the Builder and the Customer. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

  4. What is the reform Bill number?

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