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Generac: Supplying Smart Power for Today’s Smart Homes

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Generac’s Guardian Series 22kW Air-Cooled Home Standby Generator

In today’s world, smart home technology is becoming the norm. From security systems to high-tech appliances, consumers always want to stay connected. At the same time, power outages are happening much more frequently. With Generac, you can ensure that all of these necessary amenities will stay powered no matter what, so home owners can continue with life undisturbed.

Severe weather and an aging electrical grid cause power outages to happen more often than we would like. They can be costly, stressful and even dangerous. Fortunately, Generac’s line of automatic home standby generators provides a solution so that home owners have power, even if the utility power goes out. These permanently installed generators turn on automatically when utility power fails, so your customers will never be left in the dark again.

Generac home standby generators can be installed at any time, but the easiest and most affordable time for your customers to do so is when they build a new home. Typically, a home standby generator installation takes about eight hours. This includes prepping the site, mounting and wiring the transfer switch, running conduit and wiring, and installing the fuel line.

Installation during new home construction will not only save money, but it will also save time as you’re not working around finished walls, an existing electrical panel or elaborate landscaping. It can take as much as 20% longer to install a home standby generator on an existing home.

Download our free Builder’s Guide to Automatic Home Standby Generators today to learn how you can take advantage of this partnership opportunity – and begin adding value for your customers and your business.

Visit Generac.com/Builder or call 1-855-586-0684 to get started.

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