AI is Taking Home Tech from Smart to Truly Intelligent

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Artificial intelligence, or “AI,” is a term increasingly being used in the media – from news stories portraying it as a human-job killer, to it being considered a key solution to climate change.

Truly intelligent homes are integrating AI technology platforms, such as Josh, that evolve and adapt to homeowner preferences.

But AI at its core is a powerful tool, and one that in the near future will take residential technology from “smart” to truly “intelligent.”

Alex Capecelatro, CEO of Josh.AI that created an voice-command interface for high-end homes, recently described how AI can make residential tech systems seamless.

“Imagine your home learning what you do every morning when it’s time to go to work,” Capecelatro said. “Your system knows your calendar, it knows to look at traffic patterns, it’s learned your routine.”

Capecelatro says a truly intelligent home “will go into motion at that optimum time when you should start waking up.” He lists examples such as how the system will begin playing the music you like at that particular time of day. The shades will begin rising at a preferred speed. And the human-centric lighting in your house will begin to come on, using colors that are tuned to your specific body’s cycles.

“As you start walking towards the door, perhaps the garage door opens,” Capecelatro said. “Perhaps your car starts remotely. The security system in your home goes into a standby mode, and then, as you pull away, your phone automatically contacts your home, and closes and locks the doors, turns off lights and music, arms the security system – you name it.”

Ultimately, the intelligent home is much more comprehensive than a simple voice-command or push-button system that creates a basic form of automation. “The AI platform becomes hyper-personalized and even can evolve over time,” he said.

Capecelatro dives deeper into AI in the home in this CEDIA Talk presented at CEDIA Expo 2018:

This guest post is from Ed Wenck, content director for CEDIA, the industry association representing those professionals who manufacture, design and integrate goods and services for the connected home.


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