NAHB Celebrates Energy Efficiency Day

US-Senate-EEDay2018-Resolution-VisualToday marks the third annual Energy Efficiency Day, a celebration in which a burgeoning network of companies, government agencies, utilities and others showcase the benefits of energy efficiency.

For NAHB green builders, it is a great way to celebrate the growing popularity of energy-efficient home construction.

“Many consumers want to live in a home with green features, and we are working hard to meet that heightened demand,” said Sustainability and Green Building Subcommittee chairman Ray Tonjes.

Ongoing research by NAHB and its partners shows that many home buyers are interested in green, sustainable and high-performance building practices. One NAHB report found that energy-efficient strategies, including using Energy Star-certified appliances and windows and above-code insulation, made the most-wanted list and would positively influence the purchase decision of 80% or more of all home buyers. Water-efficient features were also cited as essential or desirable by 72% of respondents.

That probably explains why the number of green homes continues to rise. The number of housing units certified to the National Green Building Standard has surpassed 150,000 and there are an additional 120,000 projects in the pipeline.

Home owner decisions can also make a difference in the home’s overall efficiency, which is why NAHB provides resources for how builders can speak with their clients about ways to live green.

“Once a client buys a home, we speak with them about energy-efficiency home practices that can improve their quality of life and save on utility expenses,” Tonjes said.

For more details about NAHB’s sustainable and green building programs, contact Sustainability and Green Building Program Manager Megan Carroll. To stay current on the high-performance residential building sector, follow NAHB’s Sustainability and Green Building team on Twitter.


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