Innovation Shines in Building Systems Week Aug. 20-24

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Worker installing support beams in a modular wall panelCelebrate the innovative and tech-savvy members of NAHB Building Systems Councils (BSC) as they observe Building Systems Week Aug. 20-24. The week-long event aims to educate NAHB members and consumers about the advantages of off-site construction.

Prefabricated in an efficient, controlled setting, systems-built homes — including modular, panelized, concrete, log and timber-framed construction methods — provide home owners a building alternative that often saves time and money.

“Facing the realities of long-term labor shortages in construction and the need for more resilient construction, building systems are an increasingly common solution,” said Michael Weber, BSC chairman and chief operating officer of ZMassWalls. “During Building Systems week, it’s the council’s goal to expand awareness within the NAHB membership of the many advantages to using building systems, while showcasing BSC members’ success in this fast-paced, high-growth marketplace.”

For home builders, adopting building systems can alleviate many of the concerns facing today’s housing industry:

  • Labor Reduction. One of the home building industry’s biggest challenges is a lack of skilled labor. As the majority of a systems-built home is constructed off-site, builder dependence on subcontractors and other third-party providers is greatly reduced.
  • Less Onsite Build Time. NAHB analysis shows it typically takes just two days to set a modular home on its permanent foundation. In general, onsite build time can be greatly reduced using any systems-built component, including prefabricated roof trusses, structurally insulated panels and precast concrete walls.
  • Cost. Builders who integrate a systems-built approach not only save money on labor and time, but on materials as well. Prefabricated in a controlled environment by skilled craftsman, systems-built components are manufactured with minimal material waste. Manufacturers also typically purchase building material in bulk, passing the savings along to builders in the field.

Systems-built homes can also receive high green-building scores as material waste is significantly reduced in the factory and on the jobsite. Assembly in an enclosed environment allows systems-built homes to fulfill key components of green building certifications, including the ICC/ASHRAE 700 National Green Building Standard.

For more on Building Systems Week, including pictures of fantastic homes built and manufactured by members of the Building Systems Councils, visit NAHB’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

To find out more about the Building Systems Councils and its members, contact Devin Perry at 800-368-5424 x8577 or visit


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