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These Spikes brought in the most new Builder and Associate members to our Federation in April 2018.

NAHB Chairman Randy Noel used the Spike Prospect Rolodex to recruit seven new members recently, earning him the top spot in Region D. Noel has now challenged the NAHB Executive Board to get out and recruit new members.

“I used the rolodex to review my contractors. I found 12 of them weren’t members, so I sent them letters asking them to join and support my work protecting their industry. Seven of them joined right away,” Noel said.

Matt Byrd uses the rolodex, too. “I thought about the needs of our chapter and made a list of vendors from the rolodex who would meet those needs. After I explained to new recruits how NAHB membership could benefit them and their businesses, they were sold,” he said.

When it comes to recruiting, Sean Halsey believes in the association’s message. “I speak from the heart when it comes to what our association does for all of us in the industry. I speak to our potential members on each level from local, to state, to national and what we accomplish as a group. And I look for what might interests that particular recruit the most. Sometimes it’s rebates. Sometimes it’s education. Find out what your prospects’ hot buttons are,” Halsey said.

Ready to join the ranks of these successful recruiters? Download a Spike Prospect Rolodex to list everyone you work with so you won’t forget to ask anyone about membership!

Compete against all the top Spikes: see the top 100 Spikes who have the most year-to-date new member credits, retention credits and total credits.

Want to learn more about the Spike Club? Contact Greg Morrison at 800-368-5242 x8337.

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