Why Builders Need Brokers

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partnering with brokers book coverIn Partnering with Brokers to Win More Sales, Quint Lears gives practical suggestions to help you create long-term, powerful and productive relationships with your local real estate brokers. Now more than ever, it’s imperative to include broker partnerships within your sales strategy to help increase your bottom line.

Many builders don’t realize the power of cooperating with brokers. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Foster a company culture that is positive toward the broker community.
  • Build relationships with the QBs and office staff at the brokerages.
  • Make the brokers your customers and do little things to show gratitude and recognition.
  • Create and communicate a positive and authentic company story. Master your presentation to the brokers.
  • Know how to tactfully and effectively sell against your biggest competitor: used homes.
  • Learn from the brokers. Remember, they have front-line knowledge and market wisdom.
  • Effectively communicate to the brokers how to sell your homes when they have a buyer.

Bottom line: The brokers have the buyers. It is essential to have the brokers working for you and not against you.

For more strategies and tips on how to establish and foster relationships with brokers, pick up your copy of Partnering with Brokers to Win More Sales at BuilderBooks.com today.


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