Spikes’ Task is to Ask

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four spikesThese Spikes brought in the most new Builder and Associate members to our Federation in March 2018. Thank you for growing our network of professionals.

Chris Hawkins says he was fortunate to have a Spike mentor in the late, great Emilio Silvestri. “Emilio taught me ‘the task is to ask,’ so that is what I do. I ask everyone I deal with if they are a member.”

Sometimes all a prospective member needs is a personal connection. The prospect is more likely to join if asked through a colleague, rather than seeking it out on their own. And it adds a feeling of culpability.

Compete against all the top Spikes: see the top 100 Spikes who have the most Year-to-Date New Member Credits, Retention Credits and Total Credits.

Ready to join the ranks of these successful recruiters? Download a Spike Prospect Rolodex to list out everyone you work with so you won’t forget to ask anyone about membership!

Want to learn more about the Spike Club? Contact Greg Morrison at 800-368-5242 x8337.

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  1. Keep selling and closing!

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