South Carolina Builders Make Their Lawmaker Feel Right at Home

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Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) receives the NAHB Defender of Housing Award. Joining him, from left, are Rick Quinn, president of the HBA of South Carolina; Dave Hagan, Ryan Homes; and Scott Daniel, Ryan Homes.

South Carolina builders conducted a productive meeting with Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) at a model home as part of Bringing Housing Home™ week.

“When we have these in-district meetings, we typically do them at a house that has been built by one of our members,” said Michael Dey, chief executive officer of the HBA of Greenville. “This one was in a model by Ryan Homes. We’ve had these meetings at model homes, new homes and custom homes.

“I think the value is that a member of Congress gets an opportunity to come into a setting and see what we do,” Dey added. “When you come into a new home that has been built and marketed for sale, it helps to drive the conversation a bit – what is the energy efficiency of the house, what is the cost, what problems did you experience at the construction site.”

The 45-minute meeting with Rep. Duncan touched on a number of issues: softwood lumber, labor shortages and the need for a guest worker program, the long-term renewal of the National Flood Insurance Program, housing finance reform, and local growth and development.

Rep. Duncan told builders that he supports their efforts to urge President Trump to restart negotiations with Canada on the softwood lumber trade dispute. The Commerce Department has imposed tariffs averaging more than 20% on Canadian lumber shipments into the U.S. that have driven lumber prices to record highs and harmed housing affordability.

During the meeting, Rep. Duncan was presented with the NAHB Defender of Housing Award, which recognizes federal legislators who have, through their voting record and accessibility, demonstrated strong support for housing and NAHB positions on key issues facing home builders, remodelers and home owners.

“The value of Bringing Housing Home is that we can engage so many more members when we do it here at home,” said Dey. “Many of our members can’t justify a trip to Washington so it can be difficult to participate even though it is also important to meet with our lawmakers in Washington. We had more than 20 people in attendance. Our members got a lot out of this meeting, and I would encourage every HBA to host meetings with their federal lawmakers.”

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