Formaldehyde Emissions Compliance Deadline is Tomorrow

The compliance date for the Environmental Protection Agency’s formaldehyde emissions rule for composite wood products is Friday, June 1.

That means as of tomorrow, all products sold containing composite wood panels — like most kitchen and bathroom cabinets, for example — must meet EPA standards for recordkeeping and labeling, in addition to the tighter emissions requirements.

NAHB played a key role in clarifying the rule in 2016, ensuring that remodelers were not treated as “fabricators” and forced to comply with product testing and tracking requirements. However, a number of NAHB members, such as manufactured housing providers, are directly regulated by the rule.

The association also successfully argued to delay the rule’s implementation to allow manufacturers time to provide new products, avoiding a disruption in the supply chain that likely would have increased prices and reduced availability.

Manufacturers, importers, fabricators and retailers already working under California’s formaldehyde regulation have until March 22, 2019 to come into compliance with EPA’s formaldehyde rule.

For additional information, please contact Amy Chai or Tamra Spielvogel.


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