Timber Tower Proposals Advance through Code Hearings

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As members of the International Code Council (ICC) continue their debates on more than 1,300 proposals to amend sections of building, fire, mechanical and plumbing codes, one set of proposals to allow taller wood-framed buildings sailed through the ICC Committee Action Hearings this week in Columbus, Ohio.

Mass timber beams, columns, panels and other elements are fabricated under controlled conditions in a factory, reducing the need for onsite labor. Fire tests conducted last year show mass timber components have inherent fire resistance, reducing the risk from fires during construction.

These components also can make use of lumber from trees killed by the pine beetle that would otherwise be of limited use in construction.

The debate on the first of the 14 code change proposals lasted nearly two hours as about 30 speakers voiced their support, including representatives from NAHB, building officials, architects and a state fire marshall.

Among those speaking against the proposals were representatives from the concrete, masonry and cold-formed steel industries.

NAHB staff and Construction, Codes and Standards committee volunteers continue to testify on a number of other issues affecting residential construction during the hearings, which continue through April 23. Final votes on all proposals will take place this fall.

Hearings and final votes on energy and structural provisions as well as the International Residential Code will take place next year, and with this year’s decisions form the 2021 editions of the ICC residential and commercial building codes.

For information about mass timber construction, contact Gary Ehrlich at 800-368-5242 x8545.

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  1. Jay Hall says:

    In addition members of the fire service spoke against the 18 allowance for R and B occupancies

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