No Changes Needed for LRRP Rule, says EPA

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lead paintA federally mandated review of the Environmental Protection Agency’s problematic Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule has concluded that, despite the lack of an accurate lead paint test kit, the rule should remain the same.

While acknowledging that “a lead test kit meeting the rule’s positive response criterion has not come to market,” the agency concluded that the benefits of lead-safe work practices “continue to exceed its costs,” which NAHB Remodelers have demonstrated can be considerable.

“Of course, we are disappointed that EPA has not yet seen fit to amend the rule, but we will continue to push the agency to direct enforcement to protect the target population the rule was designed for: children under the age of six and pregnant women,” said NAHB Remodelers Chair Joanne Theunissen, CGP, CGR.

NAHB is now analyzing the review, including the new cost-benefit analysis provided by the agency, and more details will follow. For additional information, contact Tamra Spielvogel.

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  1. Dale Gruber says:

    Yes this is very unfortunate. Protecting the young and vulnerable is good but this rule is so ridiculous as it is that it just shows a good intention but not thought out with a common sense approach. Example: I want to do a renovation project for a couple with no kids living in a home that may have lead paint or may not, must pay a certified vendor do a test kit to verify for lead paint or follow the lead paint safe rules for remodeling. Does not make sense to incur all this expense for the customer. Should be a clause to waiver this process if no children are living at the site, or at minimal allow the contract to test themselves for lead paint and verify the result with the owner for compliance. I am all for protecting children from lead poisoning but this approach just does not make sense.

    • Martin Griffith says:

      The reason there is no waiver for elderly people and families with no children is that unfortunately they will not live forever and the home will eventually be sold, possibly to someone with small children or to a woman of child bearing age, then you have a problem of a lead contaminated house and target population living it. If Lead Safe work Practices are not used it can be impossible to clean well enough to consider the home safe for target population to reside in as Lead Dust can migrate into areas that cannot be easily cleaned and into the HVAC system that cannot be cleaned with average clean-up and then reappear years later on accessible surfaces.

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