Get a Look Inside Employee Compensation Trends Across the Country

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book coverOne of the most consequential business decisions a company has to make is how much to pay its employees. Single-family home building companies are no exception, which is why NAHB conducted a nationwide survey in 2017.

Like previous studies, including the two most recent in 2010 and 2014, The Single-Family Builder Compensation Study shows data on compensation and benefits for 39 common positions at single-family building companies. The data are broken down by region and size of the builder (starts, dollar volume, and employees).

The study found that the top five compensation levels are:

  • Head/Director of Land Acquisition: $173,466 (full-time position exits at 8% of responding firms).
  • President/CEO: $157,401 (full-time position exists at 95% of responding firms).
  • CFO/Head of Finance: $148,583 (full-time position exists at 26% of responding firms).
  • Head/Director of Sales & Marketing: $135,890 (full-time position exists at 19% of responding firms).
  • VP of Construction: $131,918 (full-time position exists at 36% of responding firms).

For more detailed information, get a copy of the Single-Family Builder Compensation Study, 2017 Edition, available at


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