Bringing Housing Home Begins Today

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The week-long Bringing Housing Home™ legislative grassroots event kicks off today. We are encouraging all members of the Federation to schedule meetings with your federal legislators while Congress is out of session and lawmakers return to their home districts.

While scores of meetings have already been scheduled from coast to coast, it’s not too late for NAHB members to join their housing colleagues around the nation in Bringing Housing Home. NAHB has resources including scheduling tools, lobbying tips and a legislative priorities brochure that members can download at

With the NAHB Advocacy app on your smartphone, you’ll have instant access to issue-briefing papers, news and economic information to help as you meet with your lawmakers. Download the app today.

These next six days (April 30-May 5) offer a golden opportunity to meet with your members of Congress to showcase the impact of housing on your home district. As you prepare for the meetings, please use the resources available to you on

Bringing Housing Home means that legislators can get a better understanding of the issues affecting members’ livelihoods. It’s about building relationships by helping federal lawmakers to get to know the home builders in their districts. The local meetings also reinforce NAHB’s daily visits to Capitol Hill when Congress is in session.

For more information, email Michael Bezruki at 800-368-5242 x8542.

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