‘Bigger Picture’ Leads Remodeler to Bigger Profits

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NAHB Remodeler of the Month for April

Nick Scheel is the NAHB Remodeler of the Month for April.

Ensuring healthy profits in business starts by building great relationships with clients. Profit growth won’t be immediate, but over time that high-quality customer service creates a steady flow of high-value referrals.

Someone who knows this as well as anyone is Nick Scheel, CGR, of Arrow Kitchen and Bath in Spokane Valley, Wash. His approach to the “big picture” of business is why he has been selected as NAHB’s April Remodeler of the Month.

“Profit is a byproduct of doing the right thing and taking care of your customer,” Scheel said in a recent Q&A for Qualified Remodeler magazine. “Proper business practices are critical, but if you concentrate too hard on the bottom line, you tend to lose focus on the bigger picture.”

Scheel says good customer service doesn’t always yield more profit on a single job, but “pays dividends in goodwill, which results in more referrals and thus more volume.”

Good business also means catering to the clients’ needs, no matter how odd the request, Scheel said. One of his most unusual projects: a master bathroom remodel in which the home owner was adamant about having two toilets right next to each other. Scheel proposed an alternative design that included a urinal instead of the second toilet, but the client preferred the two-toilet design — one without a seat because he was determined to never again have to put a toilet seat down.

However, building good client relationships isn’t the only key to a successful business. Networking with other industry professionals is a tremendous advantage, too, and Scheel attributes much of his success to the relationships he’s built within his local remodelers council of the Spokane HBA.

“The ability to meet, engage and build relationships and friendships with other individuals with similar experiences and who face the same challenges I do is the primary reason I am so active in the association,” Scheel explained.

Read the full Q&A in Qualified Remodeler magazine for more details about Scheel’s passion for remodeling and lasting relationships.

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