POGs Make Plans in Washington

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Volunteers from the NAHB Construction, Codes and Standards Committee and others interested in the code adoption process will be very busy in the upcoming week. The group will be reviewing more than 1,300 proposed changes to the International Code Council’s (ICC) family of building and energy codes.

On March 19, the 20 members of the NAHB Building and Plumbing/Mechanical Proposal Oversight Groups (POGs) will convene at the National Housing Center in Washington, D.C., for three days to create recommendations to determine NAHB’s advocacy position: support, oppose or make edits to ensure the changes result in safe, sensible, cost-effective building codes for our member builders, remodelers and developers.

“The POG members provide a tremendous service to the Association”, said Craig Drumheller, assistant vice president of Construction Codes and Standards. “Getting their insights is a great help to us, and provides us with sound arguments either supporting proposals beneficial to the housing industry or opposing arguments for those detrimental to the industry.”

The POGs are assigned the oversight of a specific set of model codes and standards: Building, Energy and Green, Plumbing and Mechanical, and Structural. POGs are selected by the Construction, Codes and Standards Committee chair, and the terms last for one three-year ICC code cycle.

They’ll need to work quickly: The upcoming Committee Action Hearings will be held from April 13-25 in Columbus, Ohio, and NAHB must be ready to discuss its position on the code changes the POGs have decided are most important to our members.

After the hearings, code officials will study the recommendations of all interest groups and vote at the ICC annual meeting in October.

For additional information, contact Craig Drumheller at 800-368-5242 x8565.

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