How to Build a Successful Social Media Marketing Plan

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book coverSocial media has become increasingly important to home builders and remodelers as a marketing and sales tool. But with so many platforms to choose from, businesses may have a hard time keeping up or even knowing where to start.

In Social Media Marketing for Your Business, the latest title released by BuilderBooks, NAHB’s publishing arm, builders and other industry professionals see how a long-term approach to social media can benefit their businesses.

Author Carol Morgan teaches readers how to:

  • Create a cohesive content plan with strategy and goals
  • Set marketing and social media goals and measure their success
  • Increase website traffic
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Maximize engagement and interaction on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more

The book also includes tips and strategies to assess and expand marketing initiatives featuring tools such as scorecards and checklists. Housing professionals will gain the knowledge to develop a plan that will help market their business, increase visibility and make more sales.

Social Media Marketing for Your Business is available for purchase at NAHB members enjoy a $2 discount off the cover price.


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  1. Carol Morgan is the real deal. She not only understands (lives and breathes) this stuff, but she practices it every day with her team. This is too important for your business to leave to chance. I highly recommend this book!

  2. Garrison says:

    Social media changes so frequently, it’s really hard to keep up. It’s taken years to learn the ropes, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. It can really make a difference to your bottom line, but I hope it’s something new people coming to the industry consider and understand from a business perspective.

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