Meet Master Instructor Paul Evans

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NAHB Master Instructors have taken the extra steps to connect with students and HBA staff, and serve as advocates for life-long learning. Each has more than 10 years of real-world experience in the content they teach and takes pride in promoting the NAHB Education curriculum.

Master Instructor Paul Evans, CGA, CGP, is national vice president of millwork for building supply company BMC. And he has a message for builders who say they can’t take time away from work for classroom studies:

“If you don’t, a younger, more aggressive builder will take business away from you. You cannot be stale – you must never stop learning. I still go to other classes in my area to learn every chance I get,” Evans said.

“[My students] have just as much to offer the class as I do. I ask them as many or more questions than they ask me,” he said.

Evans’ favorite course to teach has always been Customer Service because he feels society in general has lost sight of effective and meaningful client interaction and the value it adds to a business. In fact, he wants to work with NAHB to update the course to include tips specific for millennials.

His other course favorites include Basics of Building the new Marketing and Sales, which is taught with a modern approach. Read more from our interview with Evans.


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