Survey: More NAHB Member Homes Eligible for NGBS Certification as Builders Go Green

green upA newly released NAHB survey shows that as builders ramp up their green building practices, more of their homes could be certified to the ANSI-approved National Green Building Standard (NGBS).

In this survey, NAHB asked 250 single-family builders about the typical home they built in 2016. According to survey results, almost 25% of these homes would be eligible for 2015 NGBS bronze-level certification.

“Our members are increasingly building homes to well above code as they strive to meet growing customer demand for high-efficiency houses,” said Ray Tonjes, NAHB’s Sustainability and Green Building Subcommittee Chairman. “Adhering to the rigorous NGBS standard is no easy feat, and these builders should get well-deserved recognition for developing sustainable, high-performance homes.”

The survey noted that resource efficiency, site and lot design are the most challenging aspects of residential green building. It also found that the size of the construction firm made little difference in its sustainable building practices. Builders would not have to change their construction practices or materials to achieve bronze-level certification.

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