So Much Cooking in Latest Kitchen Designs

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The latest kitchen layouts offer an abundance of options and design trends follow social trends. These were among the key takeaways during a recent International Builders’ Show seminar in Orlando focusing on “What’s Cooking in Kitchen Design.”

Interior design industry experts Laura Sullivan, founder of ID.ology Interiors & Designs based in Asheville, N.C., and Deboni Sacre, founder of Liv Design Collective headquartered in Salt Lake City, provided a breakdown on what’s trending in the following areas:


  • People want multi-functional islands
  • Different shapes are in demand, not only the traditional rectangle
  • Multiple seating and wrap-around seating is becoming more popular
  • The island is the focal point, and can change the whole look of a kitchen


  • Luxury designers are building large, walk-in pantries
  • Butler pantries are an emerging trend
  • Pantries are acting as an extension of a kitchen, but hidden away


  • More layered lighting
  • Decorative fixtures
  • Recessed lighting still popular
  • Toe kicks and overhangs

 Smart Storage

  • Open shelves, as clients prefer ease of access
  • People are comfortable displaying dishes and pots in open shelves
  • Pull-out cabinets are a nice touch to save space
  • Decorative display pot racks are becoming more popular

 Smart Appliances

  • Consumers want more high-end appliances
  • Appliances can come in many colors
  • Power outlets on island for phones and laptops
  • Motion-sensing fixtures


  • Full wall more in demand, no more four-inch back slab
  • More materials are popular, such as wood and a metallic look
  • Creative patterns


  • Bold is back in the kitchen
  • Navy’s blacks and blues
  • Painted and natural mixing
  • Brass is still here to stay
  • Mixed metals is a big trend


  • Quartz is the new budget material
  • We’ll see more woods, natural and softer colors
  • Stainless steel is making a bit of a comeback

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  1. The very clean and I dream this kind of kitchen that is a wider space and the cabinets are pretty. Thank you for the great article.

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