D.C. School Attracts Kids to the Trades

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There’s an education revolution brewing right in the middle of the nation’s capital: The Washington Post reports that Phelps ACE High School, once derided as “an academic dumping ground” and then closed all together, has been reborn as a high school specializing in architecture, construction and engineering — and attracting new students.

“Today’s Phelps has modern technical classrooms where students get hands-on experience in distinct areas: carpentry, engineering, architecture, electrical, sheet metal and welding, HVAC and refrigeration, and Cisco networking. (Plumbing is on tap for next year.) Kids also take typical high school classes such as English, math and social studies,” says a piece by local columnist John Kelly.

“Wherever there’s a crane in the sky, you can bet one of our kids is out there,” says the school principal. Read the column here.


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