Vision of Two NAHB Builders Becoming Reality

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The Bridges project is a design-build collaboration between NAHB members Phil Kean Design Group and Tongue & Groove custom builders.

The first design-build collaboration between NAHB members Mark Batson, owner of Tongue & Groove custom home builders in Wilmington, N.C.,  and Phil Kean, owner of Phil Kean Design Group in Winter Park, Fla., is making significant progress.

We previously reported on how these two builders met at a 20 Club meeting and developed a new way to grow their businesses: Tongue & Groove became the exclusive builder of Kean’s PK Elite Builders in North Carolina. This means that Batson’s clients will have access to Kean’s award-winning designs.

The team is on track to complete their first project in February 2018. Progress on the mid-century modern home can be seen on this virtual tour. Plus, you can get a sneak peak of the completed project with this virtual flyover.

“We named it The Bridges project because we wanted to celebrate the bridge that approaches the back of the house,” said Kean. “I designed the home so that the line of the bridge goes through the heart of the sight and lines up with the front door.”

By creating a streamlined and visual process for their clients with the use of aerial images and 3-D renderings, the design-build pair can assure their clients that their future home will be a reflection of the vision they created together.

“Phil and I believe in challenging the status quo in order to achieve something special for our clients,” Batson said.

Learn more about the benefits of NAHB’s 20 Clubs, a unique program that connects members of non-competing markets to share their wisdom and learn ways to improve operations and increase bottom lines.

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  1. If all collaboration looked as amazing as this house that keep em’ coming! Well done and keep up the phenomenal work.

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