DOE’s Solution Center: A Builder’s Best Friend

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building america websiteWhen members of the NAHB Construction, Codes and Standards staff attended the recent Energy & Environmental Building Alliance Summit in Atlanta, they met a number of energy experts and building science professionals interested in advancing the practice of voluntary high-performance building: the best way to bring green practices into the mainstream.

Among them: Chrissi Antonopoulos, an energy research scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Portland, Ore. Codes staff invited Antonopoulos to tell NAHBNow readers about the programs it offers, in particular, the Building America Solutions Center.

Like adding a building scientist to your staff, the Building America Solution Center gives you easy-to-access best practices for new and existing home construction. The Solution Center is a free online tool sponsored by the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Building America program with information on hundreds of topics ranging from air sealing and insulation to HVAC, windows, indoor air quality and much more.

BASC Guides provide comprehensive construction guidance.

Bring it all Together

The BASC has nearly 250 best practice guides. Each one is packed with all the information you need for construction, training and sales. The guides are based on DOE-funded research by some of the brightest minds in building science. If you are involved in home construction, renovation, or sales, the Building America Solution Center is a necessary part of your everyday tool set. There are multiple navigation tools to help you quickly search, sort and, most importantly, find the information you need for both new construction and existing home improvements.

Get Your Homes Certified

Use the Building America Solution Center to help you certify your homes to national labeling programs like ENERGY STAR Certified Homes, DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program, and the EPA Indoor airPLUS and WaterSense programs. We’ve taken the checklists for each of these programs and made them interactive by linking each requirement to how-to guides to help you meet the criteria.

Train Your Installers

The Solution Center contains more than 1,600 images, 100 CAD files, videos, case studies, presentations, and a robust library of references, all fully searchable. Download these resources as training materials to help installers and subcontractors learn about the latest innovations or to correct old habits that are holding back performance.

Solve Code Issues

Each BASC guide has information on the latest building and energy codes. The most innovative measures also include Code Briefs that give code officials the detailed information they need to review plans, conduct inspections and validate performance. Code Briefs help builders and code officials reach a common set of expectations for passing inspection.

Download customizable sales worksheets and help your staff sell high-performance building.

Equip Your Sales Team

Use the BASC Sales Tool to create and customize flyers featuring your company’s logo and the building science measures specific to your homes. Turn consumers into buyers with value-based descriptions of the special features you offer.

Take the Solution Center with You

Use the Solutions mobile app to access your saved content in the field. Register for a free user account to create Field Kits of bookmarked content, and access them through the Solutions app even when you’re in locations with no internet or cell coverage.

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