NAHB Supports White House Efforts to Reduce Regulatory Burdens

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A display at the White House regulatory reform event on Monday shows the growth of regulations from 1960 until today.

NAHB CEO Jerry Howard joined Administration and industry leaders at a White House event Monday, highlighting the need to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses and the economy.

Vice President Mike Pence, who hosted the event, was joined by the entire cabinet, members of the Republican congressional leadership, several governors and approximately 100 industry leaders. Pence cited the Administration’s progress on regulatory reform across federal agencies and its plans to continue working on regulatory relief moving forward.

“Residential construction remains one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country,” Howard said. “We are pleased that the Trump administration recognizes the regulatory challenges placed on our industry and that it is taking steps to reduce these burdens.”

After the White House event, NAHB was invited to participate in three of 10 breakout sessions hosted by federal agencies, including the Labor Department, Small Business Administration (SBA) and Treasury, to discuss the specific regulations in need of reform.

Here are some recent examples of how NAHB has been working with the Administration and federal agencies on this issue:

  • Submitted comments to the EPA recommending that the agency revise regulations governing wetlands, stormwater and lead-based paint.
  • Organized members to participate in SBA Advocacy roundtables held across the country, where members gave firsthand accounts of the problematic federal regulations they face.
  • Submitted comments to HUD about which of the agency’s regulations should be repealed, replaced or modified; and met with HUD Secretary Carson to discuss regulatory and housing affordability issues.
  • Met with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to discuss steps to reduce regulatory burdens that are raising housing costs for home builders and home buyers.

“We look forward to helping this Administration deliver meaningful regulatory relief to the industry and, in doing so, generating substantial local economic activity and job creation,” said Howard.

Read previous stories about NAHB’s efforts to reduce the industry’s regulatory burdens.

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  1. Kevin Kartak says:

    What about the hugely onerous and job-killing silica rule? Something really needs to be done before this cripples our ability to provide housing at anything close to a reasonable price,

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