Senate Confirmation Ensures Full Slate at NLRB

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scales of justiceThe Senate late yesterday confirmed William Emanuel to be a member of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), giving the GOP a 3-2 majority on the five-member board.

This development is important to the housing community, given that the NLRB oversees key labor issues such as joint employer relationships, union election practices and unfair labor disputes.

Emanuel’s appointment to the board marks the first time in years that Republicans have held a majority on the NLRB, and the newly filled board is expected to bring balance and fairness to an agency that tilted heavily pro-union during the Obama era.

The new board has a chance to overturn some of the policies it had set under the prior administration that were of great concern to NAHB and other business groups, including a 2015 NLRB ruling that greatly expanded the definition of the joint employer standard and a 2014 ruling that would dramatically speed up union elections in the workplace.

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  1. Richard Niday says:

    Most modern republican politicians that I know of are short sighted, self serving buffoons. It wasn’t always that way. Lincoln might have been an exception. As I receive more of these newsletters praising short sited politicians, I question my association with the NAHB.

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