New Videos Help Ensure Safety on the Job

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NAHB, in collaboration with the Job-Site Safety Institute and the National Housing Endowment, has released three new Video Toolbox Talks on safety in the residential construction industry. They cover nail gun safety, personal protective equipment, or PPE, and the feature for this month: housekeeping and fire safety.

Good housekeeping is not only about keeping a clean job site, it lays the foundation for accident and fire prevention. The key is removing hazards so you don’t have to work around them. The video covers several important steps to prevent and address dangers on the job site. Here are some of the main points discussed.

Housekeeping and Fire Safety Tips

  • Keep the worksite clear of extraneous items and clean up spills immediately
  • Be aware of fuel and ignition sources on the jobsite and ensure proper placement and storage
  • Ensure rooms have proper ventilation before spraying paint and other solvents
  • Ensure temporary heaters are being properly used
  • Keep fire extinguishers in easy reach and make sure workers are trained to use them
  • Know and communicate your company’s fire protection plan

For more information and to view other Video Toolbox Talks, please visit Each is available in English and Spanish versions, and more videos on safety in residential construction are coming soon.

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