NAHB Seeks Protection for Consumers Against Price Gouging as Communities Rebuild

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NAHB Chairman Granger MacDonald has issued the following statement on the need for fairly priced building materials, as the people of Texas and Louisiana rebuild their communities following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey:

“A reliable supply of reasonably priced construction materials will be essential to getting people back into their homes in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey and to maintaining housing affordability nationwide. That’s why the National Association of Home Builders today is urging U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to closely monitor the effects of the catastrophe on the cost of essential building materials, particularly lumber, and to act swiftly and decisively to prevent exploitative pricing.

“The need for extensive rebuilding and repair in the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey is likely to affect the supply of building materials in markets around the country.

“We urge consumers nationwide to be aware of the potential for price gouging and to contact the U.S. Attorney General’s office if they believe that prices of building materials are being manipulated unfairly in their market.”

NAHB has compiled a webpage with several resources to help builders, remodelers and home owners in the wake of a natural disaster, including vital information specific to Hurricane Harvey. Visit


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  1. John Bitely says:

    I see more negatives with NAHB getting involved with price control/protection than positives. As an NAHB member I don’t support this action.
    John Bitely

    • David Koster says:

      As a staunch Libertarian I agree with your sentiment about price controls. Having said that, I am also a veteran of Katina and other disasters, and I don’t think this is about price controls. I have personally seen unlicensed and unscrupulous individuals take advantage of uninformed and desperate victims of disasters by selling sometimes inferior products at several multiples of justifiably increased market prices. This isn’t about controlling the price, but rather about spreading some sunshine on very dubious practices by very bad people. The market will adjust and prices for various materials and labor will rise with supply and demand….as it should.

  2. Eco Building and Wood Protection Technologies are suppliers of wood protection coatings that provide protection against: Fungal Decay, Rot, Termites and Fire– it is imperative that we as suppliers to builders– do what is right, best and ethical for the THOUSANDS of people who will have to rebuild. In the Houston Area alone– there are at least 30,000 homes and that doesnt include Port Aransas, Rockport, Beaumont, or Western Louisiana.
    The shortage of Labor skilled labor will already be a problem– we should be part of the solution to the Harvey (and likely Irma) rebuilding. We will not raise our prices on our formula nor gouge companies or people who want to rebuild.
    Texas, we have you covered.

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