Updated Tool Can Mean More Accurate Appraisals on Green Homes

green moneyGreen builders continue to struggle getting their homes appraised at a high enough value, but an updated tool offers some reprieve.

The Appraisal Institute’s Residential Green and Energy Efficiency Addendum lets builders easily note the green features included in their homes. It also lets them specify whether the home has earned any certifications such as the National Green Building Standard.

Once builders have completed the addendum, they can give it to their appraiser at the start of the appraisal process.

The form addresses a wide range of items, such as insulation, water and energy efficiency, windows, appliances, and the HVAC system. Builders also can document indoor air quality measures, projected utility costs, solar capabilities, walkability and access to public transportation, and landscaping.

It’s also important to find an appraiser with experience in evaluating green and energy-efficient homes. The Appraisal Institute’s Find an Appraiser tool lets people search for local appraisers who the Institute considers qualified to evaluate sustainable residential buildings.

For more information on green valuation and financing, contact Jaclyn Toole.


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  1. It is tragic to impose on consumers the financial and market risk of greener home construction. Neither should builders be tasked to take on this risk and compete against existing inventory that costs so much less.

    All of society, and our planet, will benefit from greener construction. In fact net zero energy is possible with spray foam insulation, LED lighting, geothermal (HVAC and hot water) and solar. This also represents a 70 -90% carbon footprint reduction here in VA. Using these techniques and PACE financing, home builders can build this efficiently at a lower total monthly cost, using less capital, yet no one seems interested.

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