FDIC Chief Discusses Banking Issues with NAHB Leadership

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FDIC Chairman Gruenberg (center) poses with NAHB Senior Officers in his office.

NAHB Senior Officers today met with Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Chairman Martin Gruenberg to address banking issues of concern to our members.

The discussion focused on regulatory barriers to acquisition, development and construction financing by banking institutions — particularly community banks.

NAHB expressed concerns over strict adherence and inconsistent implementation of recommended commercial real estate concentrations at FDIC-insured institutions. We also noted that there is confusion regarding the capital requirements for commercial real estate loans held in a financial institution’s portfolio.

Additionally, the officers asked Gruenberg if FDIC has information on financial institution compliance with flood insurance requirements.  The agency’s overall financial institution ratings indicate more than 90% of institutions are in compliance with flood insurance requirements, he said.

For additional information contact NAHB’s Becky Froass at 800-368-5242  x8529.


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