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Battle Moisture, Reduce Maintenance with Realistic Alternatives

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Tando’s ‘cedar shake’ siding resists moisture intrusion.

No one has to deal with the deterioration of outdoor products due to the assault of rain, snow or freezing temperatures—and the toll these extreme elements take on decking, trim, wood shakes or stone.

Today, builders and remodelers have a wide choice of alternatives that look amazingly like the exterior building products they replace.

Very often, these new products are also easier to install, lighter weight or have other benefits to installation. For home owners, the alternatives can look like the real thing and are ultimately better, because they do not change, fade or deteriorate over time.

“Customers no longer have to deal with upkeep or disruptions in their lives because their homes’ exteriors need repairs or repainting,” says Russ Hampton, a contractor for 40 years based in Miami.  Hampton has seen the way intense sun, high temperatures and salty air can destroy exteriors.  “I’ve seen new cedar shake alternatives for beach homes that look more like cedar than cedar itself, because they stay as fresh-looking as the day they were installed.”

This kind of realism is largely due to new molding and extrusion processes, staining techniques and coating technologies, across many categories of exterior products.  The authentic, natural looks mean that home owners do not have to sacrifice beauty to achieve low maintenance.

The element of natural beauty also plays right into the current style trends, in which home owners are moving away from monochromatic looks and embracing mixed materials and textures on the exteriors of their homes. This gives them more creative choices, since various alternative materials can be combined for the ultimate low-maintenance exterior.  Consider mixing fiber-cement siding, alternative stone or shake, PVC trim and even composite decking for the best possible looks and long-lasting performance.

One of the best attributes of alternative products — along with great aesthetics, easy installation and low upkeep — is moisture mitigation, especially in areas like the roofline and foundation. Moisture is the mortal enemy of most traditional materials and can cause deterioration and damage that is costly to repair.

Exploring today’s innovative alternatives can help contractors avoid callbacks and ensure that home owners give them glowing reviews for years to come.

Tando represents the creation of something new and completely different in exterior cladding, with an innovative product portfolio that is backed by the most advanced technologies in the industry. Tando takes exterior cladding to a new level by replicating the natural beauty and texture of wood and stone with little to no upkeep as well as mitigating moisture concerns.  Contractors can create interesting mixed material finishes with a product line that complements all types of siding including fiber cement, vinyl, engineered wood, stucco and brick.  www.tandobp.com



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  1. Victor Coppola says:

    Nice reminder that a natural look is attainable with today’s superior products

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