Trump to NAHB Chairman: ‘We’re Going to Make Home Building Great Again’

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granger and pence

Vice President Mike Pence (left) extends a friendly hand to Granger MacDonald.

NAHB Chairman Granger MacDonald had an important message for President Trump on Tuesday. And Trump had a very positive message for home builders.

MacDonald, who was in Washington, D.C. for the week to attend meetings on Capitol Hill, had just been invited to the White House to attend a ceremony in which Trump would sign an executive order directing the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to begin rolling back the controversial “waters of the United States” rule.

“I looked right at him and I said, ‘When you talked to our board in August, you promised that you would fix this. On behalf of our 140,000 members, thank you.’ And he said to me, ‘I bet you thought it would be at the end of four years and not right away, right?  We’re going to make home building great again.'”

MacDonald is glad he spoke up. “When you only get five or 10 seconds to say something, when you see the opportunity, you’ve got to run at it as straight as you can,” he said.

The ceremony also gave MacDonald an opportunity to talk to Vice President Mike Pence, who as governor of Indiana had productive relationships with members of the Indiana Builders Association. “The vice president is a very common-sense individual, and he is definitely a friend of home building,” MacDonald said.

While the group waited for the president to arrive, MacDonald struck up a conversation with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. “It was a good, long visit,” MacDonald said, in which he emphasized builders’ respect for the environment, but also the need for cost-effective, common-sense regulation that does not hurt small businesses or curb economic growth.

These conversations, even brief ones, speak to the value of NAHB membership, MacDonald said. “When the president says he’s going to make home building great again, that’s important.

“We are at the White House within the first 40 days of this administration,” he pointed out. “Whether our members support Trump or not, we are right in the middle of it, where we need to be. You are either at the table or being served on the menu. We are at the table.”

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  1. John Bitely says:

    Another reason I proudly pay my dues every year to the HBA.
    John Bitely
    Owner / President
    Sable Homes

  2. Preston Price says:

    President Trump is not only the smartest president ever but has more common sense than any in our time. What a great country we r going to have. I’ve been with him since day one. I’m a Realestate developer and builder. I’m so impressed with all of his ideas. Americans and our country first. What else could we ask for. God bless him and his wonderful family.

  3. Jimmy Franks says:

    Go Granger, best choice I ever made was to join the HBAT. Building one fine home at a time!

    Jimmy Franks
    Tennessee Valley Homes,Inc
    Sec/Tres HBAT
    Pass/Pres HBAMT

  4. Martin Knezovich says:

    Home building as a profession was ALWAYS great. And the industry on the whole has been doing great, thanks in great part to the policies and programs put in place by the Obama administration.

    • ken perrin says:

      Martin you must mean you are grateful for all the restrictions Pres Obama put on builders and developers, and the EPA over reach trying to regulate farm land and all so called water ways.
      When the building industry drops the economy drops and housing always brings the economy out of recession as documented by the NHBA Harvard studies. President Trump has done everything he has promised to the American people unlike all the Presidents before him.

  5. This is so awesome to see what working together does for this incredible industry.
    Lets keep this going and protect what we work so hard for, building the AMERICAN DREAM!

  6. Bill Daleure says:

    Trump knows first hand how government over reach pushes business and therefore the economy into low gear. I am most excited and optimistic for our industry and our country. Our members need to support our new president in every way possible.

  7. Pat Miller says:

    President Trump is going to make this country great again. First step in right direction.

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