Meet Elliott Pike, CGR, CAPS

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Elliott PikeElliott Pike, founder of ELM Construction and longtime leader at the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders, has two NAHB designations to his credit: He’s a Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) and a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), and uses the skills he developed while taking the designation coursework to grow his business.

“When going through the education process as well as the continuing education for my designations, I was, and continue to be, exposed to things that I might not have been exposed to without the designations — concepts, techniques, materials and more,” Elliott said.

“I, and we, have to continue to evolve and learn to stay relevant, and I think designations are an important part of that process,” he said.

Elliott is also very active in NAHB Remodelers. He was a 2015 NAHB Remodelers Leadership Scholarship recipient and serves on 2017 NAHBR Board of Trustees.

March is National Designation Month, which is why NAHB is shining a spotlight on successful graduates so our members know more about them – and perhaps develop additional reasons to explore the NAHB Designations program.

Meet Elliott:

What’s a favorite book you’ve read recently? My 13-year-old daughter’s algebra book! Amazing how much homework kids have these days, and I love helping when I can. Plus, it’s fun showing her how I’m using similar algebra every day in my job.

Any words you try to live by? Since I started this company in 2008, our main focus has been to do what we say we are going to do.

Three words that describe the industry in 2017: Full of opportunities.

What trends should we be excited about? For the past few years, we are noticing a trend towards quality over quantity. Home spaces are more concentrated, but seem to be well thought out with purposeful design and details.

What issue do we really need to find the solution for? Skilled labor! I know that’s a tired answer, but it is so important.

Let’s give a hand to Elliott and all our other successful designation holders. Want to talk about pursuing an NAHB educational designation?  We’re here to talk: Send an email to

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