100,000th Home Certified to National Green Building Standard

The National Green Building Standard Green (NGBS) Certification Program has reached a major milestone with certification of the 100,000th home to meet its requirements.

Located in the Peyton Stakes rental apartment community in Nashville, the home was built and developed by the Profitt Dixon partners and verified by Rachel Della Valle, an NGBS Green Master Verifier from Southern Energy Management.

The 100,000th NGBS certified home is in a multifamily building that includes features such as Grade 1 insulation installation, Energy Star appliances, regionally appropriate landscaping, and low-flow water fixtures. It was built on a greyfield site near mass transit and many community resources.

Since the NGBS Green Certification Program began in 2009, it has provided builders with a national standard to define and measure sustainable multifamily and single-family homes, developments and remodeling projects. It also offers consumers a level of confidence that they are purchasing an independently verified green property.

Stakeholders are now working on the next edition of the NGBS. The kickoff meeting for the 2018 version will be held next month at the National Housing Center in Washington, DC.

Read more about the 100,000th home in this Home Innovation press release.



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