Tech Notes Help You ‘Build Tight and Ventilate Right’

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water dropsRecent editions of the energy code have introduced higher levels of insulation, increased building air-tightness and mechanical ventilation requirements. It’s enough to keep a builder up at night figuring out how to comply with these ever-increasing requirements for tight, energy-efficient homes.

NAHB is here to help. Our Construction Technology Research Subcommittee worked with Home Innovation Research Labs to produce a series of Tech Notes on these issues.

These four-page brochures cover topics from exterior wall construction to mechanical ventilation to moisture control, providing summaries of code requirements and recommend best practices. Graphics illustrate code provisions and recommendations, and references are provided for additional information.

The latest Tech Note, covering Supplemental Dehumidification for Hot-Humid Climates, has just been posted to our Construction, Codes and Standards Research webpage. This Tech Note provides recommendations for improving control of humidity in homes, particularly in the Southeast where increased mechanical ventilation rates can result in larger amounts of humid outside air being introduced into the home.

Other Tech Notes available on the webpage include Whole House Mechanical Ventilation, Building Air Tightness, and Vapor Retarders. A Tech Note with best practices for installing common insulation types is in development.

These Tech Notes can help builders understand today’s complex energy and mechanical codes and avoid issues of moisture and mold in wall and ceiling assemblies and poor indoor air quality that can lead to homeowner complaints and callbacks.

For more information on the Tech Notes series or other building code-related research, visit or contact Gary Ehrlich at 800-368-5242 x8545.

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