Trump Announces ‘Most Likely’ Supreme Court Nominees

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trumpWith the election of Donald Trump to become the next president, Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, is unlikely to be confirmed. President-elect Trump has already announced the names of 21 people he would “most likely” consider to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Trump also said these 21 are the “type of people” he would nominate and that he sought the advice of the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation in pulling this list together. Many listed are conservative state judges and Bush-appointed federal judges. A number of these judges clerked for Justice Scalia or Justice Clarence Thomas.

There has been no word from the Trump team on whether any of these names rise to the top of the list.  However, there has been some interesting commentary on the subject.

For example, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) (who is incidentally on the list, along with his brother Thomas Rex Lee, and both are the sons of a former Solicitor General in the Reagan administration) refused to endorse Trump and is very close to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), so his addition to the list is seen as a fence-mending gesture by Trump. Lee has stated publicly he’s not interested in the position.

Another commentator wrote that Trump may try to mend fences with women by appointing one to the court – the two from the list that stand out are Joan Larsen, a Michigan Supreme Court judge who formerly clerked for Scalia. The other is Margaret Ryan, a former Thomas clerk and a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

Others on the list that received some discussion in the media are Don Willett, a big Twitter fan who posted a number of tweets slamming Trump. He used to work in the Bush Administration’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives. Diane Sykes, a 7th Circuit judge, was mentioned by George W. Bush as a potential Supreme Court Justice pick during his second term.

Finally, more than one commentator has speculated that this list is not all-encompassing and that Trump may very well nominate someone not previously mentioned.

  1. Steven Colloton –  8th Circuit judge
  2. Allison Eid – Colorado Supreme Court; clerked for Justice Thomas
  3. Raymond Gruender – 8th Circuit judge
  4. Thomas Hardiman – 3rd Circuit judge
  5. Raymond Kethledge – 6th Circuit judge
  6. Joan Larsen – Michigan Supreme Court; clerked for Justice Scalia
  7. Thomas Rex Lee – Utah Supreme Court; clerked for Justice Thomas
  8. William Pryor – 11th Circuit judge
  9. David Stras – Minnesota Supreme Court; clerked for Justice Thomas
  10. Diane Sykes – 7th Circuit judge
  11. Don Willett – Texas Supreme Court
  12. Amul Thapar – Eastern District of Kentucky judge
  13. Federico Moreno – Southern District of Florida judge
  14. Robert Young – Michigan Supreme Court
  15. Margaret Ryan – U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces judge; clerked for Justice Thomas
  16. Mike Lee – Senator (R-Utah)
  17. Neil Gorsuch – 10th Circuit judge
  18. Edward Mansfield – Iowa Supreme Court
  19. Keith Blackwell – Georgia Supreme Court
  20. Charles Canady – Florida Supreme Court
  21. Timothy Tymkovich – 10th Circuit chief judge

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