What Do Our Presidential Candidates Stand For?

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  1. John W. Holmaas says:

    Trump is real estate savvy.

    Clinton is establishment savvy that has screwed. Up this country for too many years.

    As a Realtor do nearly 50 years there really is only one choice … Trump.

    • Terry Taylor says:

      Trump’s real estate savvy is to file for bankruptcy as a project ends to keep from having to pay subcontractors, and after building his projects with illegal Chinese steel that has contributed to steel manufacturers having to close in the U.S.

      • Kent Sherry says:

        There is no proof supporting either of your comments. What made the Chinese Steel illegal, it came in through our ports? What proof is there that sufficient cause does not exist in support of not paying a contractor? You are blowing smoke.

  2. Martin Knezovich says:

    All the news from the NAHB indicates that U.S. home builders and remodelers are enjoying a great period in the construction industry. Sounds to me like our country is doing just fine, so let’s continue on the path we’re on.

    • Chris smith says:

      Lets go with that. Thousands of more regulation so nobody can afford a home that’s middle class. “If it moves tax it. If it Keeps moving regulate it. If it stops moving subsidize it” our government way.

  3. Bruce says:

    Thank God for a Bussiness friendly president
    It will be amazing to see bussiness expand
    Everyone is so excited about finally someone
    Who cares about the 20 trillion deficit
    America First

  4. T. Scanlon says:

    Trump wouldn’t be able to discuss in detail any of these policy’s
    they were written by someone else.
    He would destroy all of the gains we have made in almost 8 years how
    do people forget the 8 years prior under Bush, you must be kidding.

    • Joel Tucker says:

      What gains? The Poor are poorer, the poverty line is larger than it was 8 years ago. The Middle Class’ spendable, real, incoming is down 20-35 % depending on where you live, over the past 8 years. That not an improvement.
      The “middle” class home these past few years now looks more like a started home about from 8 years ago; it has gotten worse with the Obama Admins & Sect. Clinton’s past 8 years of failed promises and overreaching executive orders. Overall growth of our GNP is barely measurable.

      Government regulation is killing our industry. I suggest you review what the “Waters of the US rule” is going to do. A Clinton administration is going more regulation by Government, less Liberty and Freedom for everyone.

  5. Mike Garcia says:

    As a 35 year Builder/ developer in Northern Va. I can tell you Martin that is not the case! As a Custom Home Builder, Residential and Commercial Remodeler, Commercial Design builder permits are down across the board. Continuing down the same path is suicide. Trump is our only hope at this point.

  6. Bruce Lindsay says:

    We are only 19 Trillion dollars in debt as a nation. But then Federal Accounting Unit Devices (FRAUD) better known as dollars are worth less and less at the store or the home builder. Why shouldn’t we stay with the corrupt politicians that might have fueled the housing market we have today. We might be in a housing bust this time next year is why.

  7. Ellen Harris says:

    What a choice. It’s the same as asking which way do you want to commit suicide? I think the only answer is to make sure a Republican Congress is elected to keep HRC in check.

  8. Daniel Lee says:

    How strange to be in a place where neither candidate represents my values. As I see it this election is the most defining for the future of our world. For this I am sure there will be negative posts to my view but in my 5th decade of life negative comments are the least of my concerns. The love of my family, my children, their children, and the land that I love, eclipses egotistical seductions. I pray that our nation will be guided properly. May it be for a better future for we are looking ahead, and not a destructive future, for we are foolish, and only looking at the now…. be sure to vote!

  9. George M. Raddish Sr. says:

    I think Trump is perfect for the building of our industry. He understands all the rule and regulation that have been imposed on our industry. He will open the markets by getting the Government noise
    out of something they know nothing about. Trump is one of us like him or not he is very plain spoken the same as most of us and he has been in the business, he knows what’s going on and how
    to fix it. Hillary know nothing she has never have a regular job and is riding along on the coat tail of the very people that has destroyed this country with in. This country is We the People, and for the
    People. nothing more nothing less. The Government does not own us, and they seem to thing they do. Term limits, Supreme Court balance of power, and jail as many wrong doing lying public officals
    as possible for treason against We The People.

  10. Tom Panek says:

    It’s time for this organization to embrace renewable energy resources and support the technology that will make those products a commodity instead of a luxury for the average home buyer. We are already adopting many new techniques and energy-efficient measures in the building code, with more inevitably coming. Personally, I believe that the future lies in micropower production, where each household generates its own heat and electric independent of the grid and fossil fuel production. What is needed is to use new renewable energy technology to the point that demand and innovation lower the costs more in-line with traditional power generation. That requires progressive attitudes from us, and a progressive candidate, not a reactionary one. Secretary Clinton can make this happen.

    • Derek Diaz says:

      She sure can, by giving out government funds for her friends to start the companies. Nothing new here create more opportunities for her circles.

  11. Kent C says:

    What am I missing? Building is booming, the economy is growing and remodeling is strong, yet so many think Trump can save us? From what?

    • Charlie says:

      The economy sucks, the border is non existent, terrorists are attacking our citizens, our healthcare system is in shambles, our military is out of date, and material costs are going through the roof. Building is not booming.
      Trump can save us from another 8 years of Clintons and Bushes and Obamas…

    • Derek Diaz says:


  12. Marsha Binder says:

    I am surprised that Trump has so many empty views. He seemed so straightforward when he met with the board in Florida. I don’t see any excerpts from that meeting which was specifically related to the building and construction industry. Did someone forget to check those transcripts?

    • NAHB Now says:

      Thanks for asking, Marsha. Mr. Trump did discuss the high cost of regulation as it relates to housing affordability when he spoke to our members in Miami, and you will see his response in the “regulations” section of the candidates’ answers.

  13. Kim Shanahan says:

    The idea that Trump is one of us is ludicrous. Do we bring in illegal European immigrants and make them sleep on our jobsites? Do we stiff our subcontractors and suppliers and then brag about how smart we are for doing so? Do we pay off inspectors and regulators and negotiate sweetheart deals with public officials? Do we write off nearly a billion dollars in losses and then avoid paying taxes for 19 years? If we acted in business the way that he has our federation would be an irrelevant laughing stock within a generation. Thank goodness he is not one of us.

  14. Why are we discussing only the two candidates that the media promotes? There is one candidate that is actually addressing issues with specific proposals, avoiding the caustic rhetoric, has true government executive experience(re-elected by a wide margin as a Republican in a Democratic state after balancing budgets), and vows to focus primarily on domestic issues. And he built a large re-modeling company so GARY JOHNSON is one of us. NAHB should do a more thorough job of exploring our options.

    • NAHB Now says:

      Thank you for asking, James. NAHB used the same criteria as the debate sponsors did in determining to whom to address our questions, and only Mr. Trump and Sec. Clinton have the polling numbers to qualify at this point.

      • James Averwater says:

        Thank you for your reply. But aren’t the debate sponsors the major networks? They have a vested interest in keeping the focus on the two candidates that can attract the most attention. If some coverage were given to other possibilities, the poll numbers would be significantly higher for the alternatives. However, that would be contrary to the interests of the mainstream media.

  15. Chris Flaherty says:

    I am surprised in reading some of these responses. This is a publication for the National Association of Home Builders. First, to see that construction is booming as mentioned by one individual: Really? I have been in the mortgage business for many years and I can honestly say we are not anywhere close to “booming” here in Florida. While I support the fact that the National Builders are part of this, in order for us to see a full-scale improvement in the economy we need to see the small builders take off as well and they are not. There are no funds for them to start building, only for the buyers to get financing, and as we all know there are roadblocks to getting those funds as well.
    To see that HRC wants to give more downpayment assistance for low-income is fantastic but let’s think about this: Wouldn’t that put us right back into the same situation if there is a hiccup in the economy again and these people who have no “skin in the game” won’t we see some more “strategic short sales or foreclosures”? And let’s also think this through — can the little guy home builders compete in that arena?
    It sounds to me like the big guys will keep getting bigger and the middle class will be again shut down. In this forum we need to look solely at one thing how has our industry faired in the last 8 years and do we see it going any different based on what we see and hear. I would love to see the low-income people get into homes but we need to focus on getting the middle class buyer more homes. It is the middle-class price range buyers who will be the ones to buy the majority of the homes that can be produced on a larger scale and who will put more builders, contractors, and skilled labor to work thus driving the economy upwards.
    Next if you see HRC wants to strengthen the CFPB, the same entity that has no federal oversight and the same entity that squandered away hundreds of millions of dollars on a renovation of their own facility. Their employees are the highest paid of any government workers by a large margin. I know for me I am very concerned for the health of our industry as a whole as we are in a fragile state and we really need someone to help lift it out and get it really booming.

  16. Martin Knezovich says:

    If you disagree that the home building industry is not doing quite well, on the average, across the U.S., then I suggest that you direct your criticisms at the NAHB for publishing incorrect data. To claim that the industry can’t possibly be doing well, because that’s not the case in your area, is like saying there can’t possibly be a drought in the Southwest because it’s wet in the Florida everglades. For those who want to blame “burdensome” regulations, get involved with the agencies that oversee and enforce regulations, don’t just sit back and complain.

    • Chris Flaherty says:

      According to the NAHB new home starts are down 1.6% for the month and from a high in July of 2015 where we had 1,450,000 new building permits to just over 1.1 million permits in May of 2016. As far as sitting back and complaining and not doing anything we sit on several realtor and building associations boards that is why I see and understand the plight of some of the new home builders. Also I am sitting in what is being projected as one of the hotter areas of the country with respect to new home building as well as existing sales. If we break that out per state it is 21,153 permits per month. These numbers are far from robust and March April and May all saw over 100k less new single family home starts than February of 2016. I guess I just read charts differently than you do.

      • Martin Knezovich says:

        You can’t call a single month change as a trend, in either direction. The trend, since February, 2009 has been upward, and at a pace that appears to be sustainable, in other words not too rapid to appear to be the front end of a bubble. The number you quote for May, 2016, is over twice the number of starts in February, 2009. In my opinion, builders should be feeling some confidence for the months to come.

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