NAHB Endorses 135 Candidates for Congress

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UncleSam-NAHB-UPDATEDNAHB has released a list of 135 House and Senate candidates that the association is officially endorsing in the upcoming Nov. 8 elections.

“The Democratic and Republican incumbents and candidates that NAHB is endorsing have demonstrated a commitment to make housing and homeownership a national priority and to advance policies that will put families in homes and spur job and economic growth,” said NAHB Chairman Ed Brady.

NAHB has taken the unprecedented step to endorse candidates for the first time in its 74-year history because Congress has failed to adequately address the nation’s housing problems, even though housing is a key driver of the nation’s economy and accounts for 15% of the nation’s gross domestic product.

“The next Congress must focus on housing and tackle pressing issues that are holding back a more robust housing and economic recovery,” said Brady.

Specifically, NAHB will be urging members of the new 115th Congress to:

  • Reform and streamline the regulatory process.
  • Ensure that any tax reform efforts protect vital housing tax incentives that are needed to keep housing and the economy moving forward.
  • Ease tight credit conditions for home buyers.
  • Enact comprehensive housing finance reform.

The list of candidates that NAHB is endorsing for Congress will grow. View this page to see who NAHB is endorsing in your state or congressional district.

“I am very proud of our NAHB Board of Directors for taking the important step to endorse pro-business and pro-housing members and candidates for Congress. Well done,” Brady said.

“Continue to support pro-housing candidates from both parties! Most importantly, express our treasured freedom: the opportunity to cast your vote. It is a responsibility to take seriously,” he said.

NAHB does not endorse candidates for president.

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  1. Shirley Wiseman says:

    Proud have present that award to Congressman Andy Barr, 6th District, Kentucky

  2. Channah Israel says:

    Donald Trump is the best candidate for America and will be the one to work to get our country’s economy rolling again!
    He will be a change agent to remove the horrible corruption plaguing our current administration, FBI, and DOJ, which are a serious problem for our country’s well being which is at the heart of the issues.
    We must stand for truth, law and order, and our constitution, not corruption!

  3. Shirley Wiseman says:

    Proud to have presented the endorsement of NAHB to Congressman Andy Barr, 6th District of Kentucky……….

  4. Gene Raley says:

    John Kennedy will be a proud addition to the Senate, as he stands for no nonsense in regard to how we should be doing business.

  5. Gary says:

    I do expect NAHB to more typically endorse Republicans, but glad you don’t endorse presidential candidates as you might be tempted to endorse Trump, who has stiffed numerous construction companies and small businesses for his own personal gain. In contrast to an earlier comment, I don’t view that as a paragon of honesty or ethical behavior.

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