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Are you a member if the International Code Council? If so, we need your help this month.

From expanded fire sprinkler requirements to new limits on showerhead water flow rates, there are 1,994 proposed code changes that have been submitted this year to alter and update the ICC family of construction codes.

These include the International Residential Code, International Energy Conservation Code and International Fire Code.

In March, NAHB volunteers and staff reviewed all of these proposals, spending days in meetings to figure out their importance and whether they would be a cost-effective improvement in building safety, energy efficiency or occupant health. As a result of these meetings, NAHB supports 119 and opposes 505 of the proposed code changes.

In late April, ICC held its Committee Action Hearings  in Louisville, Kentucky. As the first step in the ICC code development process, committee members and the general public in attendance discussed the merits of each of the proposals. The committee members then voted their recommendations on each proposed code change to either:

  1. Approve as Submitted
  2. Approve as Modified by the Committee
  3. Disapprove

If  any ICC member in the audience disagreed with the committee’s recommendation, they could request a floor motion. If their floor motion receivesd a second from the assembly in attendance, that floor motion was added to the online Assembly Floor Motion ballot.

The actual outcome of the floor motion will be decided during the online Assembly Floor Motion voting period, which is taking place now until Tuesday, May 24.

A simple majority of all the votes cast during the online voting period is required to approve any of the floor motions. If approved, that motion will be added to the ICC Public Comment Hearing agenda, which will be held Oct. 19-16 in Kansas City, Mo.

Any ICC member is eligible to vote on the floor motions this month. We are asking all NAHB members to cast their online votes if they are also ICC members. To help, the Construction, Codes and Standards staff has prepared this voting guide. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the NAHB voting guide;
  2. Create a cdpACCESS Account, if you do not have one;
  3. Log onto cdpACCESS and cast your votes to support NAHB.

Avoid voting confusion. The two important things to remember are the ID numbers for each proposal in the first column and the recommended vote in the last column.

As NAHB prepares for the Public Comment Hearings this fall, it’s important to gain strength for our positions now.

Questions?  Contact NAHB Vice President of Construction, Codes and Standards Neil Burning, get assistance from your NAHB staff liaison for codes or visit the ICC website for additional news and updates on the code development process.


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